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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Madison Main Street GOP Endorse Daugaard

Looks like Madison's chiropracty cheese stands alone. The Madison chiropractor Doug Caron has endorsed GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Munsterman with signs out front of his practice and home. Fellow backcracker Jason Evans is the Madison pick-up point for Munsterman signs. [Thanks, Rod, for the correction!]

But now the Madison GOP establishment is speaking, and the word is, Vote for Daugaard. Our own District 8 Senator Russell Olson signed on to the lengthy list of legislators liking Dennis issued published yesterday by Team Daugaard.

That list also includes former local legislator and Board of Regents member Richard Belatti. The man who replaced Belatti as Madison regent, Randy Schaefer, is also sporting a nice Dennis sign out front of his strip mall (as Rod points out below, right in front of Evans's office).

The Madison Main Street establishment are in the incumbent administration's pocket. They're also a relatively cautious bunch. These endorsements signal they are pretty confident that their guy Dennis is going to win the primary.

That endorsement from the powers that be is almost enough to make me want to switch registration and join Caron and Evans in voting for Munsterman.
Worth noting : 32 of the 46 state House Republicans endorsed Daugaard. Eight out of the 22 GOP Senators were willing to stick their necks out for Daugaard over their own majority leader.


  1. Chiropractor, Doug Caron is sporting the signs, but Chiropractor, Jason Evans, in the Washington Plaza strip mall, is running the newspaper ads and also has signs available, both for the same candidate, Scott Munsterman.

  2. I'm still waiting to see the campaign ad: "Only Munsterman can straighten out South Dakota." The radio version could have a big spine-crackling sound followed by a hearty "Aaaahhh! Thanks, Doc!"


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