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Monday, May 17, 2010

Heidepriem Keen for Camper -- Could Howie Help?

First the ads, now accommodations: the Heidepriem campaign is looking to put the camp in campaign:

The Heidepriem Campaign is looking for an RV of their own to use during Scott’s announcement tour across the State.

We don’t need to ride around in the lap of luxury, but we would love an in-kind contribution of a safe, comfortable RV for Scott and his loyal followers to tool around the state in for a week or so.

...This would really save the campaign a lot of money and make campaigning easy for our team [Heidepriem campaign website].

Those darn Democrats, always looking for ways to save money....

Now if Scott could just wait another three weeks on that announcement tour, I know someone who won't be needing his campaign RV any longer....


  1. His candidacy. I know, sounds weird, since he's already running ads and such. Call it the formal campaign tour kickoff.


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