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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Advertiser: Cleaner Greener Energies!

Hey, look at that—I'm making money! And, we hope, so is Cleaner Greener Energies, which has bought some ad space here on the Madville Times. The Sioux Falls company, run by fellow MHS alum Robert Westall, sells and installs wind turbines (including the funky vertical axis machines!) and solar panels. If you'd like to plunk some green power on your roof, Cleaner Greener can hook you up!

Now, dear readers, if you're concerned about my editorial independence here, remember the ad policy: $25 a month buys a rectangle in the sidebar, not propaganda in the main section. I write good news about wind power not because I want to sell ads, but because I really like wind power... and because there is good news about wind power. But if wind turbines start exploding, killing 11 workers after their wealthy owners lobby against safety regulations, you'll hear about right here.

Now click on that ad, and see if Cleaner Greener's got the power you need!

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