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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SDDP Dings Nelson Birther Dingbattery

When R. Blake Curd gets props from the South Dakota Democratic Party, it's time to check the TARDIS control console and make sure we're still in the right universe. But hey, it's Chris Nelson who opened the portal to the alternate reality where he's Kitty Werthmann and R. Blake talks sense.

So it makes perfect sense that the South Dakota Democratic Party drops bombs on Nelson for his willingness to entertain the nutty conspiracy theory that Barack Hussein Obama isn't an American. Says SDDP exec Erin McCarrick in a press release:

...it’s particularly disturbing that Secretary of State Nelson – the man responsible for determining whether South Dakota candidates at all levels are qualified to appear on a ballot – is lending credence to such a ridiculous conspiracy theory about President Obama’s qualifications.

The SDDP presser takes Kristi Noem to task as well for evading the question. The SDDP then notes with apparent approval that third man R. Blake Curd "clearly and plainly rejects" the birther foolishness.

Badlands Blue is more charitable toward Noem, as am I, saying Noem and Curd both "wisely dismiss the question." Wisely. Wisely.

Even conservative Dakota War College calls Nelson's birther spewings imprudent. The only people cheering Nelson's absurdity are the conspiracy screamers who drool over World Net Daily.

I hate to be a one-issue voter. I hate to see one stupid answer negate the technocratic competence a candidate has to offer. But when Nelson shows himself as willing to run with the wingnuts as anyone else in the GOP, and when he steps in a big pile of birther doo-doo that even R. Blake and Kristi are smart enough to step around, I'm much more inclined to think this GOP primary is anyone's game.

And if Nelson manages to recover and win, I'm much less inclined to give a pass to Dems who in their justifiable disgust with Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's votes on numerous issues would vote for Nelson in November. Nelson is making clear he's not the tolerable centrist we thought he was.

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  1. In Nelson's case, I think you have the terminology wrong. This isn't dingbattery (that's what Gordon Howie is doing -- I saw his tea party express RV in Rapid City today!).... nope, from a smart guy like Nelson, this is clearly a case of classic asshattery.


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