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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Indycrats Get Groove on in South Dakota

Unlike our gubernatorial candidate, I don't feel compelled to apologetically qualify my Democrat status with any branding adjectives like "Independent." If I did play that game, I'd brand myself "Wellstone-Kucinich-Weiner-Sanders Socialist Democrat." (That's why I'm not in marketing.)

However, a handful of Democrats have stepped up to the plate and filed as Independents to duke it out with Republicans in various legislative races. The list so far:
  • District 8 Senate: my man Clark Schmidtke Sr., Trent
  • District 20 House: Becky M. Haslam, Mitchell
  • District 28B House: Teresa Schanzenbach, Belle Fourche
  • District 32 House: Matthew Murray, Rapid City
  • District 35 House: Jay Pond, Rapid City
Pond has taken the Pastor Hickey route: he was going to run for Congress, then decided Pierre was plenty.

RCJ also reports Anthony Vallella is in the District 35 Senate race, but his name isn't on Chris Nelson's official list yet.

Throw in the fact that Mark St. Pierre did indeed get a whack of petitions mailed to Pierre in time (Chris, Kea, and the rest of the capitol gang are counting right now to see if he hit 3356 and gets to give Thune a workout), and we may see "Independent" peppered all over our ballots.

Conservatives also have some indy action. Sioux Falls conservative and SD Right to Life lobbyist Jenna Haggar has filed for District 15 House to give Dems Kirschman and Vanderlinde someone to beat. Former Republican legislator Kevin R. Crisp has also filed for District 25 House... though my morning Googling can't confirm his current party inclinations. Rapid City's Jeanett Deurloo, a far right candidate, according to the knowledgeable Mr. Price, is also fighting to kncok Rounds appointees Gosch and Conzet from District 32's House.

I will be curious to see how many of these "Independents" brand themselves as Independents, and how many say, "Yeah, I filed Independent, but make no bones about it, I'm a Democrat (or a Republican). Now let's go get 'em!"


  1. Keep your eye on District 32. It could be an interesting race in Robbinsdale and environs, with West River carpetbagger Conzet being challenged by Deurloo to the (far) right and Murray playing the role of "sane person NOT anointed by the Republican establishment."

    Will Rapid Citians sick of the Rounds cabal take out their frustration on Conzet (apparently they found Daugaard too nice a guy to make the connection that he will bring the Rounds web of favors into the 2010s.) Will Deurloo rally registered Republicans to vote against a young mom to keep her home where she belongs? And how much more arrogant can Gosch's attitude possibly get, now that he's campaign as sitting majority whip (yet with a very small list of bills to his name?). What will Mike Murray offer to the race, besides an escape hatch for people that want to vote for someone not appointed by the Governor?

    And WWSD? "What will Stan Do?"

    Needless to say we're looking forward to this in Robbinsdale....

  2. I am running against a chameleon politician, a fallen disgraced Republican, and a candidate who refused to answer any questionnaires about his positions on issues.

    In military terms: I am outnumbered, surrounded, and low on resources.

    In Marine terms: Morale is high, we are attacking!


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