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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bjorklund Files Indy, Joins Stricherz to Challenge Fargen and Lange for House

District 8 is just 9-12-Glenn-Beck-apalooza! Glenn Beck fan Patricia Stricherz was already on the District 8 House ballot as a Republican; she's now joined by Madison's 9-12 Project ringmaster Jason Lee Bjorklund, whose Independent filing just made the Secretary of State's board today. Wowza! Add Sibby to that mix, and this fall promises to be a blog smorgasbord of electoral analysis and excitement.

Let's see, three 9-12ers on the ballot... fee surrounded yet?

Now, if they'll just let Jason bring his whiteboard to the candidate forums. Better start delivering tomatoes, Gerry!

One more potential Glenn Beck crusader on the ballot: Lonnie Mayer from Tripp has made the District 19 House ballot (that's Frank Kloucek's race!) a five-way tussle. I have no Google info other than Mayer was fishing for a conersvative meetup last fall. He appears to be the owner of Mayer Liquor in Tripp. Hmm... a candidate provoked by the smoking ban, perhaps?

And no clear political persuasion on this one, but Lake County has a third candidate (and second Independent!) for sheriff: Jason Lurz through his patrolman's hat (and petitions!) in the ring Tuesday. Dang, with three current law enforcement officers all running for sheriff, who's out writing tickets? ;-)

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