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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Web Impresario Trask Discusses Sheriff Primary Defeat

For the best first-person post-mortem on electoral defeat this year, we turn to High Plains storyteller extraordinaire Matthew J. Trask, who picks up his Hubba's House hat to discuss the joys of running for sheriff and losing in Meade County. Trask challenged 20-year incumbent sheriff Ron Merwin with little more in his saddlebag than "lofty sentiments" and "five brand new white shirts." He wound up with 32% of the vote... and escaped having to spend weeks cooped up at Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Trask discusses his losing campaign with grace and wit:

On the campaign trail I met lots of people, and lots of dogs. The dogs, I found, are staunch advocates of private property rights. I also met a guinea (Coco is female, and her mistress has had her for two months.) Team Hubba attended the Piedmont Valley Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser, and the Hemp Hoedown, where we encountered enthusiatic but confused youngsters who alas were not from Meade County.

I also was overwhelmed by the support I got. Donations, a sign painting party on Mother’s Day (my own mother attended,) help putting up signs, free meals, places to stay, I lived like a guilty king for two and a half months [Matthew J. Trask, "I Guess You Ain't My Constitchency," Hubba's House, 2010.06.18].

Dear readers, enjoy the full story at Hubba's House. And congrats again, Matt, on politics done well and told well.


  1. Corey;
    Thanks for welcoming me back to the fold after all this time!
    And thanks for the plug.
    (Not) Sheriff

  2. Glad to have you back. Your writing is always a hoot... and given the additional mentions at Decorum Forum and South Dakota Magazine, I'm not the only one who thinks so. There's a vote of confidence where you'll beat Sheriff Merwin hands down. :-)


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