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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Majority Want Indy Marking in Debates

Most of South Dakota's mainstream media scrupulously avoids ever linking back to us blogs. I thus don't expect the Mitchell Daily Republic to pay much attention to this post.

But maybe they ought. Following MDR boss Korrie Wenzel's decision to exclude Independent B. Thomas Marking from the U.S. House candidates' debate at the Corn Palace Festival on August 28, I posted the following online poll:

Should SD media include Independent candidate for U.S. House B. Thomas Marking in live public debates with candidates Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and Kristi Noem?

Your responses, dear readers:
  • Yes: 115 (78%)
  • No: 32 (22%)
Voting was pretty steady through the week. I didn't detect any poll-sandbagging effort from the Marking grassroots (does such a group exist yet?) or from any Operation Chaos mercenaries from either of the other campaigns.

A few potential interpretations of these numbers:
  1. Those darned liberals reading the Madville Times just want Marking on stage to confuse and split the anti-incumbent vote (hey, not that I'd mind).
  2. Voters want to see if Marking will dare the same zingers face-to-face with the big dogs as he's willing to lob on YouTube.
  3. (I like this one best): Voters want every candidate, regardless of party, to have a fair chance to make their pitch to the electorate.
Mitchell Daily Republic, 78% of this poll sample join me in urging you to change your mind and invite Mr. Marking to the Corn Palace stage with Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and Kristi Noem. And other South Dakota media, consider the possibility that South Dakota voters might actually want to hear from every candidate on the ballot.


  1. Isn't the owner of the Mitchell rag the same guy that pushed the blog control bills?


  2. Rep. Noel Hamiel of Mitchell used to be the MDR publisher. He was a prime sponsor of the blog control acts.


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