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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shelter Fest Brings Tonic Sol-fa, Su Fu Du to Madison

Shelter Fest 2010 was the nicest summer night of the year in Madison. Look at that sky—after Thursday night's soaker, not a cloud left. Look at those trees—standing straight instead of leaning at a 30-degree angle in another thundering, prairie-scouring gale.

Oh yeah, and look at that a cappella group:

Mark McGowan, Greg Bannwarth, Shaun Johnson, and Jared Dove—that's Tonic Sol-fa singing at Trojan Field, right here in Madison Friday night!

No instruments but the tambourine and the egg. No pyrotechnics or fancy stage pieces—just four men putting their voices to one of the finest uses possible.

Tight harmony, high energy, singing as if nothing in the world matters more than hitting that note... totally groovy.

Su Fu Du banged the drums and boogied to open the show.

The crowd was duly appreciative. Around 500 people—including (memo to Chamber!) visitors from Texas, Arizona, Kentucky, and Iowa—enjoyed the music and the opportunity to throw some money into the kitty to help Habitat for Humanity build houses. Great show!

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