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Friday, July 30, 2010

Madison Crazy Days Straw Poll Today!

I'll be downtown today at the Lake County Democrats' table. Party chair Joan Stamm and other loyal Dems will be selling baked goodies and other treats—we'll also happily take donations for the fall campaign!

And I'll be there with the traditional Crazy Days Straw Poll! This year we're polling the general election candidates: U.S. House, governor, and District 8 Senate and House. We're asking for whom you plan to vote. We're also gauging favorability ratings for all of the candidates for those offices. All are welcome to vote, Dems, GOP, Libertarians, Greens, Indies—no ID required, just an interest in the fate of the Republic.

Come down to the Dems table—we'll be somewhere on the North 100 block of Egan, probably a spot or two south from Radio Shack. Cast your vote, buy some bread, and enjoy some civic conversation!

And don't forget to vote right here in the latest Madville Times poll! Should SD media include Independent B. Thomas Marking in the U.S. House debates? That poll runs until breakfast time tomorrow, so if you haven't voted yet, vote now! Hit the poll in the upper right hand sidebar here... then tell your friends to do the same!

I'll have results of both the Crazy Days straw poll and the Madville Times Marking poll tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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