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Friday, July 30, 2010

KJAM Picks up Blog Report on TransCanada Keystone Leaks

Update 2010.08.01: I was wrong! KJAM was repeating a story from WNAX, which has the full report mentioned below, complete with audio, on its website. Thanks to WNAX newsman Jerry Oster for the note!
Kudos to KJAM news director Lauri Struve, who did high-quality journalism this morning on the TransCanada Keystone pump station leaks, publicized first here on the Madville Times. I can't find a link to the story on KJAM's website yet, but it was solid. Struve called DENR, talked to the officials involved, got more details, and gave the story a good few minutes of attention. The only thing missing: a hat tip to the blog that broke the story. ;-) But that won't stop me from offering a sincere hat tip back for good reporting... and, as far as I can tell, beating all the bigger radio and TV stations and newspapers (you know, places where the news staff is larger than one) to this important South Dakota story.

According to Struve's report, TransCanada did everything it was supposed to (other than installing valves and gaskets that don't leak). The leaks were entirely on their property and got all cleaned up to DENR's satisfaction, so there will be no penalties. Everything is fine, nothing to worry about, Big Oil is our friend....

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