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Friday, August 27, 2010

Best Joke Yet on Kristi Noem's Lead Foot

Kristi Noem at Tea partySo Kristi Noem does 94 on the Interstate.

Well, at least we finally understand why her hair looks like that.

Kristi could become the new Ole and Lena. I'm feeling a whole humor sub-genre coming on.

(I will acknowledge, however, that there's a strong argument to be made that there's nothing funny about Noem's reckless, unapologetic endangerment of her fellow South Dakotans.)

All joking aside, learn why Noem is empty boots compared to Herseth Sandlin


  1. Kristi and Sammy 'can't drive 55'


    (and who's got the better hair, now that's a Madville poll I'd like to see, really!)

  2. Someone, please, hack into Noem's iPod. I totally want to find out whether Hagar is on her playlist.

  3. Kristi is just practicing for getting to the vote in time.

    Herseth-Sandlin will be in Winner today. She just talks fast.


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