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Friday, August 27, 2010

Satirist Calls for Brake on Noem Bust Jokes

GOP House candidate Kristi Noem is living up to my expectation that she'd provide great blog fodder. Bill Fleming, one of the funnier members of the South Dakota blogosphere, sticks up for No-Limits Noem:

This feels too good to be schadenfreude. See more at Kristi Exposed on Facebook.

Bonus Snark: Boy, it's got to be tough to get good car insurance with a record like this. I hope Kristi knows a good insurance agent.


  1. Wonder why this stuff didn't come up before now!

    To me, this is a black mark, but not enough to cause me to vote against Kristi in November.

    Honestly, I'm so concerned about what the Dems are doing to this country that I'll give Kristi a brake on this business.

    Let's just hope she doesn't get into a wreck that maims or kills someone, eh!

    This revelation might cost her a couple of percentage points. But then, who knows, with all these college guys out there who have just turned voting age?

    When I was in college (1970s), I took my dad's hot Buick up to more than 130 mi/h. Never got caught, though, and lucky for me, didn't have a tire blowout. Dang, that vehicle was just pleading for it.

    I've only had one speeding ticket in the 30-plus years since then: 50 in a 35, through South St. Paul, MN. (Don't speed through that town. They really hate it.)

    Geez ... how the heck can Kristi get any auto insurance? I guess it's because of the mandate!


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