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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bjorklund in with Republicans, and Other Signs

On your way into Madison, don't be buffaloed:
Prostrollo's buffalo and Republican signs across road
Madison's Car Parkit Market, right across from Prostrollo's, is making clear which party it favors for the November election. Six big signs in a row, all Republican... wait a minute! Check out that sign crowding out Jackley:
Bjorklund sign in mix with Republicans
That's a sheet of plywood for Jason Bjorklund, Madison's Independent-Glenn Beck candidate for District 8 House! How'd that get in there? Is Bjorklund really a Republican just as Clark Schmidtke, declared Indy for District 8 Senate, is really a Democrat?

Whatever the case, it's good to see the Bjorklund campaign is already on top of signs. He's got his up before the only actual Republican in the District 8 House race, Patricia Stricherz. Start splashing some paint, Patricia! The big-money Russ Olson machine is also slow out of the gates. Of course, given his standing with the Republican, he probably gets to put his signs right on Prostrollo's property, not just across from it. Maybe they'll just put a big Olson t-shirt on the white buffalo this time.

And for Pete's sake: aren't there any Democrats selling cars in Lake County?
Noem Sign Made in SD
Also worth noting: U.S. House candidate Kristi Noem makes clear her signs were made in South Dakota, unlike the TV spot she shot in Texas.
Bonus cheap GOP humor: Oh look! Just down the road, you can pick up a retired lunch wagon used at John McCain's rallies:
Phoenix Creep Feeder
Call Madison Resykle, 256-2482, for all of your scrap metal needs.

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