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Sunday, August 22, 2010

South Dakota TV Wasteland: Best We've Got Are Jay, Terri & Todd

I guess I'm not missing anything now that none of the Sioux Falls stations can punch a digital broadcast signal as far as Lake Herman.

KELO touts its four regional Emmy nominations: two for weatherman Jay Trobec, one for an Inside KELOLand spring flooding show, and one for the 5 p.m. newscast. That's four nominations out of over 120 categories. Not one of our other local commercial stations receives a nomination. It's as if no one in South Dakota has made any local TV worth noticing since The Caribou Show.

Speaking of which, there's one other Emmy nomination for a South Dakota production: Episode 201 of Nature Adventures with Terri and Todd gets a nod for programming for kids 12 and under. That's their Custer State Park episode. "See what happens when Todd gets too close to the bison!" Cool—maybe they can do a follow-up and show what happens when Terri gets too close to Valhalla.


  1. Actually, I'm quite proud of Terri and Todd. They've done an excellent job with their program. It's informative, educational, quirky and quite entertaining. They've also expanded the show's coverage, in that it's now being aired in Minnesota AND North Dakota.

    In addition to their show, they travel across the state doing presentations to schools, service groups and fairs on their travels and also to clear up common misconceptions about certain animals.

    I hope you're showing some pride in these two, Cory, because they've worked their butts off and deserve some kudos.

  2. And since you don't have TV... here's a linky where you can see episodes on-line.



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