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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bob Deelsta fo Distict 9: Impoving Hatford!

Because no politican is above the law... of orthography!

Republican District 9 House candidate Bob Deelstra appears to have a problem with the letter R. Sift through the dozens of camper videos on his YouTube channel (he's a salesman at Northview Campers), and you'll find this little slideshow of nice things that have happened in Hartford during Deelstra's service as city councillor. Nice things like Dollar General—yay.

The slideshow opens with this screen:
Deelstra 'impovements' screen cap
Deelstra does spell improvements right in a subsequent slide, but Bob, you're a salesman: you know the importance of a good first impression, right?

Deelstra's other campaign video seems to affirm that he has a serious R aversion:

Deelstra campaign video in Hartford City Council chamber

"I don't look at these issues as Republican or Democratic issues"... wait! I get it! Bob Deelstra is committed to a post-partisan South Dakota. He's taking the Heidepriem line, downplaying his party affiliation, right down to blotting out the R's that might remind viewers of the big fat partisan R that will appear next to his name on the ballot. So subliminal! So clever!

Oh well, at least he's not dropping g's like Kristi Noem... which reminds me: is it kosher for an elected councilman to film a campaign video in the city council chamber? Does appearing under the glorious insignia of the City of Hartford constitute an expenditure of public funds to influence the outcome of a campaign?

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  1. [Sorry, Anons: you want to stump for a candidate, you have to put your name to it.]


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