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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Candidate Steve Hickey on SDPB: Reaching Beyond Abortion

Down the road a piece, Pastor Steve Hickey, candidate for District 9 State House, has his video up on SDPB:

At least he smiles more than Russ Olson.

Remarkably, the man whose blog and church were previously dedicated to nothing but wiping the scourge of women's control over their bodies from the face of South Dakota never says abortion. He does mention his work on ballot initiatives to "represent those who are not being heard" (sounds like code for babies!) and makes the rhetorically important but logically empty statement that he's pro-life (everyone living is pro-life), but he also hits a wide range of other topics (if not specific policies) we'd expect of a serious Legislative candidate. To be honest, I'm glad to see Pastor Hickey's growth into something more than a single-issue candidate.

Of course, I still want Trudi Hatch and Mark W. Anderson to beat Pastor Hickey and beat him hard. Some pings from the peanut gallery:
  1. Pastor Hickey says he's "not so much beholden to the political Right or the Left" [stage direction: tilt head right, then left]. Really? He's been to tea parties with the hardest Right characters in our state, like Allen Unruh. He has suggested right-wing voting would win material blessings from the Lord. He does surprise me sometimes with open dialogue and boundary-busting proposals like reparations for Native Americans and some sensible feminism. But make no mistake: the good pastor isn't beholden to the Right; he is the Right.
  2. Pastor Hickey says he's felt "the disconnect between the reality of the average taxpayer and those elected to represent us." Is that like the disconnect between Russell Olson's votes to cut education but send tax breaks to Canadians? Do beat that drum!
  3. Pastor Hickey is "committed to do more to support our educators." I hope that support means something more tangible than compliments and prayers.
  4. Pastor Hickey wants to "get government off the backs of job creators" and pass tax breaks for small businesses. Dang, how about some tax breaks for the job doers?
  5. Not a voting issue, but Steve, you look a little thinner on video than in your pix. Don't let the campaign cut into good eating!
Still lots of SDPB candidate videos to come. Stay tuned!
Bonus Web critique: Pastor Steve, the content frame on your website is way too small! Make it bigger so I don't have to hit the scroll bar so often. Better yet, ditch the frame and give me a full page for the issues!
Bonus blog trivia: Congratulations, Steve! You are the subject of Madville Times post #4000!


  1. Of course I appreciate you helping me get folks to view the video -so thanks. But you couldn't be more off to say my church was dedicated to nothing but the abortion issue. I know you have no idea but here's what we did last weekend. www.keloland.com/NewsDetail6162.cfm?Id=0,103447

    And that's only the tip of the iceberg. Last summer I helped launch Europe Advance and we are starting churches this fall in several europeans nations. Right now I'm in KC making preps for a Moldova trip in November re: ending the sex trade there. Just because I chose to focus that blog on the LIFE issue for a season doesn't mean that's the only thing we are doing.

    Regarding blogs, we got a little national coverage this week. I'm only on my blackberry this week or I'd link to it on my blog. Feel free to put it out there as it mentions two of us in the state. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0810/40925.html

    Oh, and listen more carefully... I didn't just say tax relief for job creators I said for individuals- the job doers as you say- that they too would be succeeding not just surviving.

  2. Note the past tense, Pastor Hickey: "were previously dedicated." I do not question the breadth of your church's current activities. But I seem to recall a previous blog pot or conversation during the abortion ban campaigns where you said you had dedicated Church at the Gate to the singular mission of ending abortion. Alas, my search skills are failing this morning, so I may just be imagining things.


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