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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clark Schmidtke Sr. Campaign Video up on SDPB

District 8 Indy/Dem candidate for State Senate Clark Schmidtke Sr. is online at SDPB with his first campaign video:

Alas, Schmidtke is not nearly as fiery here as he was when I met him at the Lake County Dems meeting back in June. I think the state Dems' campaign handlers must have gotten to him and told him passion is a bad thing. Nuts to that! Half the reason Herseth Sandlin schooled Noem yesterday was because she dropped the script and got excited! Keep the faith, and keep the fire, Clark!

But kudos to Clark for balancing the obligatory opening résumé with a list of specifics. It's hard to develop a good policy agenda in a two-minute video, but Schmidtke gives a good list of specifics, including protecting funding for nursing homes, capping state spending and hiring growth, selling state planes, ending no-bid contracts. Sure beats opponent Russell Olson's happy talk and utter lack of specifics.

Now, let's see Clark live on stage with Russ. That will be fun!
Bonus local pols: District 8 House contenders Mitch Fargen, Gerry Lange, and Patricia Stricherz are also up on SDPB! Watch and comment on YouTube. No word yet from The Bjork... but stay tuned!

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