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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New SDPB Video from District 8 Senator Russell Olson

SDPB is getting more videos up from the candidates for the Legislature. Among the latest, my favorite Republican to vote against, incumbent District 8 Senator Russell Olson:

Now remember, fellow voters, Republicans tell us we can't vote for anyone who needs a teleprompter to express his basic beliefs.

This morning's harassment from the peanut gallery:
  1. Russ says he currently has the pleasure of serving District 8, but you wouldn't know it from the anxious, arguably dour line of his lips. He was probably just thinking, "Madville Times is going to post about this. I just know it. That big meanie!"
  2. The good senator says he's not interested in passing lots of bills, but the ones he does propose have a high rate of passage. Sure... it's just too bad the bills he proposes are mostly edge trimmers or laughers like the LAIC-bingo bill (hey, it's been a month already—when's Dwaine calling numbers?).
  3. Russ is on top of the big E's for election: economic development, education, and "energy development." Note that's not renewable energy, just energy. That's code to his Big Oil friends that he'll keep voting for corporate welfare for them.
Credit to Russ at least for getting ahead of the crowd: none of our other District 8 choices are online at SDPB yet. Stay tuned!

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