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Thursday, August 19, 2010

CNN on Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota: TransCanada Sells More Snake Oil

CNN comes to South Dakota to learn about the joys of having a tar sands pipeline running throuh your family farm. Thom Patterson speaks to Mike and Sue Sibson, the Miner County farmers whose experience with TransCanada's Keystone pipeline I featured last September.

The Sibsons are the nearest landowners to Pump Station #22, site of TransCanada's June oil leak. Patterson learns that the Sibsons received no notification from TransCanada about the leak. Why didn't the Sibsons receive any warning?

"No sense in alarming them," said TransCanada Vice President Robert Jones. "There was no concern with regard to the environment or public safety with these very, very small, isolated incidents" [Thom Patterson, "Could Gulf-like Disaster Scar the Heartland?" CNN.com, 2010.08.19].

Standard TransCanada corporate-speak: oil leaks are normal, nothing to be afraid of, just move along and keep your noses out of our business... even though our business is on your land.

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