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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Recession? Brookings Gets 6 New Businesses Downtown Since January

Wow. The Facebook page for Brookings Downtown Inc. notes that six new businesses have opened downtown since January. Six:
  1. Wedding Creations
  2. Eddie Edwards Jewelry
  3. Food and Health Concepts
  4. Boss' Pizza (that's a problematic apostrophe)
  5. Hometown Tire
  6. Tom Anderson Optical
Can anyone tell me how long it has taken six new businesses to open in Madison's downtown? And can anyone tell me how long it will take Madison to follow Brookings's lead and engage in a serious downtown revitalization program (like the one the LAIC killed two years ago)?


  1. Hey, Knology is moving into the Dennis Miller building at 106 North Egan on September 1st. Nothing new for Madison, but it may create an opportunity in Marlin Wiebe's building to attract a new service for Madison. Maybe another insurance agent?

  2. Sure, Rod, but I can't exactly go shopping at Knology. There are no new dollars being generated by moving Knology downtown...unlike most of the new businesses Brookings has brought to their downtown.

  3. I am curious what big thing they are fixing the old Knology building for (that's Marlin's, right?). But heaven knows the last thing Madison needs is another insurance agent. ;-)


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