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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gerry Lange Rocks YouTube with Best SDPB Candidate Video Yet

Speaking of Gerry, here's my neighbor on YouTube!

This is Gerry Lange at his professorial best. He doesn't just recite a bullet-point résumé. He composes a thoughtful essay. He shows his history chops and his sense of humor by tying together quotes from Democrat Al Smith and Madison's own Republican Karl E. Mundt to make his point. He addresses the cultural climate of anger and frustration with government, then hits big issues:
  1. eliminate the food tax ("as in every surrounding state!")
  2. make affluent corporations pay their fair share
  3. increase support for education as the key to better-paying jobs
  4. open government and end no-bid contracts
  5. end tax rebates to the TransCanada pipeline and other big operators
He wraps up with his vision of unselfish service to the common good. There's fine oratorical intonation, with Gerry not just reading the teleprompter but putting heart in his words. Plus he says onerous. Mmmm, vocab!

Representative Lange packs more intelligent politics into two minutes of video than anyone else in the race. Philosophy and particulars, substance and style: that's Gerry Lange!


  1. Gerry is the real deal and only gets better with time.

  2. I can not speak any better of Gerry on a personal level. Nicest guy you will ever meet.

    I just disagreed with him too often on his policy. His income tax and narcotic legalization legislation always turned me off.


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