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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Madison Straw Poll Picks: Herseth Sandlin, Heidepriem, Olson, Fargen, Lange

The Lake County Democrats conducted a straw poll on Madison's Main Street Friday. 48 hardy political souls came into town from the lake long enough to toss ballots in the giant mayo jar. Here's how they voted on the U.S. House, South Dakota Governor, District 8 State Senate, and District 8 State House races:

Candidate number%
U.S. House

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D)3379%
Kristi Noem (R)819%
B. Thomas Marking (I)12%
S.D. Governor

Scott Heidepriem (D)2867%
Dennis Daugaard (R)1433%
District 8 Senate

Clark Schmidtke, Jr. (I)1948%
Russell Olson (R)2153%
District 8 House

Mitch Fargen (D)3274%
Gerald Lange (D)2763%
Patricia Stricherz (R)37%
Jason Bjorklund (I)1023%

Jason! You've got momentum! Fire up that campaign machine!

Interesting to note that if there is frustration among Dems with Herseth Sandlin's Blue-Doggery, it doesn't show up in this straw poll. I heard some dissatisfaction expressed by our Dem-leaning crowd, but not enough, apparently, to hand our lone seat in Congress over to the next Michele Bachmann.

The participants in the poll identified their political affiliation thus:

Party number%

Margin of error is larger than Russell Olson's campaign war chest. Scientific rigor be jiggered, I'm working up some cross-tabs to look for interesting phenomena (cross-party voting, SHS-Bjorklund voters, etc.) Stay tuned! In the meantime, your speculations, ruminations, and hearty chortles are welcome.

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