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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Correction: WNAX First Mainstream Press on SD Keystone Leaks

Note that, unlike some blogs, I make it pretty clear when I get my facts wrong....

Friday I gave KJAM kudos for running what I thought was the first mainstream press coverage on the TransCanada Keystone pipeline leaks that I broke here on the Madville Times.

Oops. The venerable Jerry Oster from WNAX drops me a line to note that the story I heard on KJAM came from his radio station. Oster says WNAX has calls in to TransCanada, and they expect to have some corporate response on air Monday. Tune in to AM 570 for more tomorrow!

Related: TransCanada probably didn't return WNAX's call because they were busy announcing second-quarter financials. Net income was down a little... but the BP oil spill and growing disfavor for deepwater oil exploration has given TransCanada and other tar-sands peddlers a financial boost. Nertz!

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