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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Poll: How Many DQ Blizzards Are You Buying Tomorrow?

DQ BlizzardMobileDeLon, we can do this with your truck!
Dairy Queen's Miracle Treat Day happens tomorrow. Elisa Sand previews the big event here in Madison. DQ owner DeLon Mork is working hard to move as many Blizzards and raise as much money as he can for the Children's Miracle Network. He already has customers from as far as Clear Lake.

The fundraiser is simple: you buy a Blizzard, and the proceeds go straight to help families with sick kids at Sanford Children's Hospital. Sand's article notes that last year's Miracle Treat Day raised over $120K in South Dakota. The Madison Dairy Queen kicked in 42% of that amount, $50K.

So I'm curious, fellow Blizzard eaters: how many DQ Blizzards do you plan to buy tomorrow? Click your treat range in the poll right here in the right sidebar. We already have some votes in, and the leading category as I type is "11+"... which would include the manager of a local business who, according to Sand, just bought 700 Blizzard coupons. Uff da!

I'll run the poll through tomorrow evening... so if you get hungry again and go back for more during the evening music at the Madison DQ, you can still pop back to the blog and change your answer. Click away... and go get your Blizzards!
p.s.: I see Miracle Treat Day in Canada is next week, August 12. Hmm... the different date must have something to do with the metric system....

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful day to be part of Madison and the surrounding area, where people still come out in droves to support a great cause and a local business that does so much for this area. That's why we live here! People care about other people and show it over and over again. Go get 'em Delon, Lana and your support team!


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