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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pine Ridge Tea Party Friday Organized by Secessionist

If the American Revolutionaries dressed up as Indians for the original Tea Party, then what will the Pine Ridge Indians wear for their Tea Party Friday, Glenn Beck suits? Sarah Palin heels?

Some nice Lakota folks are getting together at Wounded Knee Friday to talk about Lakota rights and Second Amendment freedoms. So, some Lakota warriors walk into a bar or a courthouse with semi-automatic weapons and shout, "Hoka hey!"—we're all for that, right, my fellow South Dakotans?

I am amused to see that the Wounded Knee Tea Party is being organized by secessionist Garry Rowland, a participant in the 1973 Wounded Knee takeover and one of the main activists in the Republic of Lakotah. That movement seeks to annul Indian treaties (I think we white folks already did that) and establish Native sovereignty for West River and adjoining territory in other states. Ah, Tea Parties and secession—a perfect fit, right, Gordon?

Rowland was also present with some Lakotah last May who counted coup on some encroaching U.S. Army helicopters that were returning to the scene of the Seventh Cavalry crime at Wounded Knee in 1890. Fellow organizer Karmelita Plains Bull Martin/Rowland (I think this is the same lady) was involved in organizing a tea-flavored rally in Montana to oust some Crow tribal leaders.

Bob Ellis and his fellow conservatives are still reeling from the schism of their little Tea Party in Rapid City. Perhaps they can join up with the freedom-loving patriots at Wounded Knee Friday to fight for their cause. Such cooperation would be a nice Year of Unity gesture.

I'm still scoffing at the prospects of the Tea "Party" to act as a coherent and effective political force. But I agree with Dr. Blanchard that joining Native voices to the Tea Party movement should be good for that movement.

Just remember: when Indians say they want to "take America back!" they really mean it.

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  1. Cory, if you were any closer your fingers would be burning; Crazy Horse is alive.


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