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Monday, August 2, 2010

SDPB Candidate Videos Up! Tidemann Tied to Teleprompter

SDPB is posting videos for the candidates for South Dakota Legislature! Whoo-hoo! Roll the teleprompter....

Look at those eyes, tracking slavishly along the lines of the off-camera script. How can we trust any politician who depends on a prepared script instead of speaking directly to us? How can the good people of Brookings trust their government to a man who can't come up with his own words? Why would a real patriot need a script to speak about his core beliefs? How can anyone vote for Larry "Teleprompter" Tidemann for South Dakota Senate?

See more candidates on SDPB's YouTube channel here. What fun! I've seen Gerry Lange's text and eagerly await his upload. Tidemann's opponent Senator Merchant hasn't uploaded her video yet. Neither has Sibby! Nertz! But Sibby's Democratic opponent Becky Haslam is on! Go Becky!

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