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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wounded Knee Protest Says No to Tea

Our Lakota neighbors are no fools. The news last week was that Garry Rowland and Karmelita Plains Bull Rowland were organizing something like a Tea "Party" on the Pine Ridge reservation. I found fascinating the prospect of secessionist American Indian Movement veteran Garry Rowland would align his movement with the mostly white whining and xenophobia of the broader bunch of teabaggers.

Yeah, right. I can't find much news coverage of the event, but one blogger reports that 20 to 30 people came to the Wounded Knee event, and only one expressed any desire to form an alliance with the Tea "Party". For more, check out this podcast interview with Autumn Two Bulls and the Tatanka Oyate "Tea Party" organizers at Wounded Knee.

I'm taking notes on the broadcast: I'll move those to a new post, because Karmelita is saying some really interesting things about the Tea Party!

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