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Friday, September 17, 2010

Gant Dodges Rapid City Debate with Nesselhuf

Kevin Woster mentioned Thursday morning that Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Ben Nesselhuf was carbo-loading (and protein-loading, and syrup-loading!) for his high-noon debate with GOP SoS candidate Jason Gant at Western Dakota Tech in Rapid City as part of the school's Constitution Day activities.

But then, much to Nesselhuf's and Woster's surprise, Gant was a no-show. Son of a gun, Gant, who I hear was in Rapid City Wednesday night for a fundraiser, rescheduled to appear at WDT with fellow GOPer and Lt. Gov. candidate Matt Michels. Hmmm... either Gant didn't get enough pancakes Thursday a.m., or he wanted to avoid another roughing-up like Nesselhuf dished him at the Corn Palace last month.

No big whoop for Nesselhuf: he made the most of his trip to Rapid, enjoying 50 full minutes to talk about the Constitution with an engaged and interested audience of fellow citizens.

Bonus Campaign Issue: Maybe Gant was off catching dogs. Read Gant's blog, and you might think the biggest reasons to vote for him is some guy in New Mexico who registered his dog to vote. New Mexico.

Apparently we can count on Gant to stanch the tide of four-leggeds sneaking into the voting booths. But Jason, some animals are more equal than others.
Update 2010.09.19 20:45 CDT: Badlands Blue posts a screenshot of Jason Gant's Twitter spin on the missed debate and a shot of Western Dakota Tech's flyer for its Constitution Day events which pretty clearly shows Nesselhuf and Gant scheduled for a "Candidates Town Hall" on Thursday, September 16.


  1. You make a great point about the way South Dakota tends to eat; look at the general binging behavior our elected officers model for young people all the while railing against some imaginary gateway drug sneaking in to twist the children.

    Makes me want to go purge.

  2. Dude you are a grade A idiot. Whatever you are smoking to think Benny boy beating Gant at the Corn Palace Debate, I want some.

    The issues are: Same day voter registration and no ID's needed at the polls. All of which Benny Boy supports. These are just so your party is able to legally pull votes out of the trunks of cars to win elections like you did in 2002.
    Benny Boy is in trouble so that is why you are posting the lies. Go bury your self in large hole...

  3. DR: Presuming you are talking to ip and not Cory.

    Are you just another short, fat, white guy railing against IM13 while noshing on a fried turkey leg and feeding his children chemically-altered, genetically-transmogrified, Fox-fattening crap and wondering why they are obese, then harangue the President for wanting to ensure as many Americans as he can with wellness?


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