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Friday, September 17, 2010

Cat Allergy Scratches Noem Gigs in Sioux Falls

And now from the rumor mill: word rolled into the Madville Times newsroom yesterday that GOP candidate for U.S. House Kristi Noem had cancelled a full day of campaign events in Sioux Falls, including a visit with students at Roosevelt High School. What on earth could be the matter? Racing back to the ranch to reshoot campaign ads? Just remembered another court date? Boycotted the school when she learned about the Roosevelt Young Socialists Club?

No, no, no. Word from two Rough Rider correspondents is that Noem made one Sioux Falls event but had to bail when she suffered a nasty allergic reaction to cats on the premises. Ugh! Permit me to express my sincere sympathy and hope that Rep. Noem wakes up this morning refreshed, de-dandered, and ready to hop back on the campaign horse. And hey—what are you people bringing cats to campaign events for, anyway?

When the Roosevelt event is rescheduled, students are being asked to refrain from asking candidate Noem about her habitual lawbreaking. I use the weaselly passive voice there because I have been unable to determine whether that request comes from the Young Republicans at Roosevelt, from the campaign itself, or from other powers. (I'm betting word came down from the principal's office: they never let us kids have any fun, right? ;-) )


  1. You are one funny Democrat, Mr. Heidelberger. Maybe Mrs. Noem is formulating her scheduling conflict early.

  2. Frank Anderson9/17/2010 3:57 PM

    Guess we know why Noem isn't a firefighter. Can't rescue cats from a tree. When did the start calling video shoots, "Cat Allergies"? I also heard she was shooting an ad at her ranch.


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