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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yes, the Governor's Talking to You, Kristi...

...and Tessa, and Jason...

From our fearless leader:

Gov. Mike Rounds is asking motorists to use extra caution on South Dakota highways during the Labor Day travel weekend.

...Four people were killed and 92 others were injured on South Dakota roads during the last two Labor Day weekends. Half of the fatalities were alcohol-related. “If motorists would just remember to designate a sober driver, to use seatbelts on every trip and pay attention to speed limits and road conditions, we could make our highways much safer for holiday travel,’ the Governor said.

...“Most crashes are entirely preventable,’’ the Governor said. “Please enjoy the holiday weekend, but take personal responsibility for your safety and your family’s safety – not only this holiday weekend but every time you travel’’ [South Dakota state government press release, 2010.09.02].

Put down the beer, slow down... and watch for bicycles!

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