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Monday, October 11, 2010

Michael Steele Comes to South Dakota for Native American Day

It's Native American Day. It's the Year of Unity, as declared by our Governor M. Michael Rounds. How does Republican U.S. House candidate Kristi Noem mark the occasion? By hosting Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele at a campaign event in Rapid City. Or so I hear from my friends at the South Dakota Democratic Party

How appropriate. Among Mr. Steele's many tone-deaf gaffes, he provoked disgust by using the phrase "honest Injun" during a Fox News interview last January.

Roll those webcams, kids. And Memo to Steele: just stick to the script in Pennington County.
***Update 12:06 CDT: The Hill reports that Noem has declined to appear with the RNC chair in the Black Hills. Team Kristi offers the excuse that the candidate is busy with a "hunting event" East River. Hey, wait a minute: that's the same excuse she's using to skip Saturday's Rapid City Tea Party with Ted Nugent. That makes three major West River events Noem is skipping.
On policy, Noem still hasn't updated her Native American Issues page to give any specific solutions. Noem mentions wanting to do something about economic development, law and order, and schools and health care in Indian Country. She apparently lifted those exact priorities from her opponent's talking points. Alas, Noem can't lift the actual policy solutions that Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin has fought for and passed in Washington.

Also worth comparing: the policy statements from our gubernatorial candidates, Dennis Daugaard and Scott Heidepriem, on Native American issues. Once again, advantage on specifics goes to the Democrat.


  1. Cory,

    Hard to make you guys happy. You criticize Noem for "hosting" Chmn. Steele and then you criticize her for not being there.

    By the way, do you know where SHS is today?

    (ironically, the verification code was "sibill" which seems appropriate since you seem to be having a bit of split personality moment)

  2. "criticize" for not being there? I just said she's not there. I note the excuse she gives, and note she has skipped two other events in the neighborhood. She is likely wise to skip the Steele and Nugent associations... but it does seem awkward that Noem has to keep avoiding some leading lights among her base.

  3. I tell ya, something really spooky is going on with those verification codes.

    I just typed in "krauti" but spelled it wrong (it was supposed to be "crauti") and so now I get. "ackeredo."

    As in "Ack! Er... redo."

    Twilight Zone-ish.

  4. Michael Steele is a "RINO." Kristi Noem is not. Ted Nugent is perceived as an "extremist" on 2nd Amendment issues. SHS would seize any connection between Nugent and Noem as a "gotcha" for hangin' with extremist radicals. Do you think SHS would appear with Queen Pelosi in South Dakota.....not likely, even though SHS carries the water for her 90%. SHS probably wouldn't know how to get to the meet with Nancy anyway, not being familiar with the roads and all.

  5. Ed, SHS probably wouldn't appear with Pelosi... but she should!

    By the way, while Noem was out hunting, the Congresswoman was scheduled to celebrate Native American Day at the Crazy Horse monument. SHS apparently has no trouble finding her way to the Black Hills.

  6. Troy, SHS is in Spearfish this evening. :) Like Cory said she was at Crazy Horse and later in spearfish. Kristi probably should stay put in Hamlin County so she won't get any more speeding tickets before election day. that would make her look bad. oh, wait ...


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