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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grand Falls Casino Synergy -- That's What I Said!

Last summer, when Iowa announced it was building its big Grand Falls Casino in Larchwood, right at the northwest corner of the state, various South Dakotans, including the man getting my vote for Governor today, flipped their lids. I suggested some of the concerns about the casino and proposed warlike responses to the project were exaggerated. I said that proper planning and marketing could turn the project into an economic plus for our state. "Think synergy, not scarcity," I said.

Synergy. That's the magic word. And it's already happening:

...Sands Drywall of Sioux Falls has one of the biggest jobs, putting up all the exterior and interior walls.

"This job hit at the perfect time for us. We're going to have containment on the whole project by Thanksgiving is what the schedule is, and it will keep us working inside all winter long," Greg Sands, owner of Sands Drywall, said.

Despite concerns that a 'Buy Iowa' first initiative was going to keep construction crews from other states off the job site, only 55 percent of the contracts that have been awarded have been to Iowa companies. The rest are from outside the state.

...The Sioux Falls companies working on the job site are glad South Dakota is seeing some benefits from the Iowa project.

"Their philosophy was to be compliant with what they had to do, and also to create synergy between them and the Sioux Falls market, and South Dakota. And they've done that. There's a lot of people working from both states. A lot of people working here from both states for me and there's just a lot of synergy," Sands said [Ben Dunsmoor, "Paying out for South Dakota," KELOLand.com, 2010.11.01].

Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether says he and his business pals are already thinking down the synergy line as well. We could try to compete, but it may be easier to simply capitalize on the Iowa megacasino. When Iowa gives you rhubarb, make rhubarb pie.

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