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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Madville Times on KJAM AM 1390 Tonight!

Local radio gets a dose of real liberal media tonight: KJAM has invited the Madville Times to join its Election Night news team! I will be blogcasting live from the KJAM studio in beautiful downtown Madison tonight from 7 to 10. I will be tweeting election results and commentary at #sdvote2010 (and I invite the Twitter-inclined among you to do the same).

Best of all, at the :10's and :40's on each hour, Matt Groce may actually let me near the microphone! Think of it this way: Matt will be Al Michaels, news director Lauri Struve will be Dan Fouts... and I'll be Dennis Miller.

When I'm not at the mic, I'll be furiously clicking through the live election tallies streaming from Secretary of State Chris Nelson's awesome website. (Seriously, Republicans, you picked Noem over a guy this smart, who can do stuff this cool on the Web?) I'll also be taking and responding to comments here on the blog. If you've got questions or comments you'd like us to address on air, submit them in the Madville Times comment section, and Matt and I will try to work your comments into the program!

And who's making this electrifying nght of wall-to-wall election coverage and blog-radio synergy possible?

Madison Discount Liquor: Sponsor of KJAM/Madville Times election night 2010 coverageThe Madville Times is going to sell a lot of beer tonight. Wisecracks are more than welcome in the comment section.

So get your local Election Night 2010 media overdose right here in Madison! Listen to Matt and me on KJAM, follow the tweets and blog feed, and contribute your two cents' worth here on the Madville Times!


  1. Great work on KJAM last night Cory. I really enjoyed your commentary. You have a future in broadcasting my man!

  2. All of you did an excellent job last night! Cory, I think you found your backup job.


  3. Darwin, Barry, thanks for listening! It's always a pleasure to speak to the public on really important issues. Heck, we even got to field a phone call from a listener in his tractor with an observation on the election map! Political punditry doesn't get more South Dakota than that. :-)

  4. Sadly, I didn't have a chance to listen, as I was doing my own bit of commentary on our sister station.... Hopefully I didn't sound too much like a doofus. Aside from working with Tom the last eight seasons, my only other exposure to volleyball was in elementary school gym class.


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