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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blogger Expands Culinary Horizons, Improves Dad Score

So I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation proposal yesterday. Big deal. Here's the biggest success of my day:
bear pancakeShe asked for pancakes. I had never made pancakes. (How does a guy go 39 years without making one of the easiest, most rewarding foods on the planet?) I remembered my Dad making pancakes. He made us bunnies, whales, all sorts of shapes. I broke out the cookbook, found the ingredients, and went to work. She told me I wasn't whisking properly, but a few minutes later, she joyfully received her bear pancake. (I was aiming for bunny. Ssshhhh!)
bear pancake
Sweet! Now watch out for that fork, honey bear.

And don't forget to eat those carrots.


  1. How can you not believe in angels, Mr. Heidelberger?

  2. Good for you! Great dad and great pancake maker. Your sweet girl is very proud of her "bear". Grandma

  3. Thanks, Mom!

    Larry, I just had that conversation with the little one last night. We read the story about the devil tempting Jesus, telling him to jump off the temple and let the angels catch him. She said, oh, if I jump off a cliff, angels will catch me. No, no, no! I said. No angels will catch you! No cliff-jumping!

    Angels are out. Too dangerous a concept.

  4. Congratulations on the dissertation defense.

    Way to go on the pancake as well. It looks great!

    Also, very good teaching regarding cliffs and angels. Make sure Kasia knows that Jesus didn't jump either...

  5. Exactly. Angels are a little flighty. (Oh, hahahaha! Oh, hohohoh. Oh, heheheh.Heh... um... Flighty. Get it? Get it? Oh, forget it....)


  6. Thank you, Paula! And Bill, you are a bad, bad influence. Keep it up. :-)

  7. Congratulations on dissertation and child.

    That pancake looked more like a chicken to me however.

    To paraphrase a scientific tee-shirt slogan, "Pigs fly just fine with enough thrust", "Angels fly just fine with enough thrust."

    Otherwise, best to keep both or all four feet on the ground.

  8. two more lessons and you'll be ready for hot dogs buddy


    Lee Schoenbeck

  9. Thanks, Lee! I've already got hot dogs, hamburgers, and bachelor hash licked.

  10. Congrats on your culinary skills! And on your beautiful little daughter!

    These pics brought back many breakfast memories with my own kids. Kids are what it's all about after all.


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