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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hyperion Can't Count, Lowballs Pollution by Half

I hear on SDPB and read on KELO this morning that Hyperion was a little off in its pollution estimates on its proposed Elk Point refinery when it applied for a South Dakota air quality permit. By half:

Hyperion Resources has informed the state that a proposed oil refinery in southeast South Dakota would release almost double the amount of greenhouse gases previously estimated.

Documents from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources show that previous estimates omitted a step in the refining process ["Proposed SD Refinery's Emissions Revised," AP via KELO, 2010.12.16].

Emissions revised?!?! I'd ask what you guys are smoking, but you'd probably miss that by half as well.

But I guess when you've never built, let alone run, an oil refinery before, it's easy to miss a step in the process, right? But golly gee, what steps would you omit when you actually start building the thing? What safety steps would you omit when you fire that sucker up and start belching pollution into our clean prairie air and fresh water supply?

Department of Environment and Natural Resources, tell me you aren't taking these Hyperion incompetents seriously any more. Please. Hyperion can't even report its own projected pollution correctly, let alone build and operate a safe and clean refinery. Throw their permit out.

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