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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Online Poll: Vote Now: MHS New Gym/Renovation!

Hey! Click through Twitter or your RSS reader and vote in the latest Madville Times poll. I'd like to know "How will you vote on Madison's $16.98 million new gym/high school renovation bond issue?"

As always, the Madville Times encourages educated voting. Learn more...
  1. ...by taking the video tour filmed by yours truly on November 22;
  2. ...by reading Madison High School's Renovation Project page;
  3. ...by checking out the MHS Facility Project Facebook page;
  4. ...and by browsing the best (and only!) local blog coverage of the project, including counterproposals from concerned citizens who are just as interested in boosting the quality of Madison education as anyone else.
Poll runs until Dec. 22, Wednesday morning breakfast time. Share the link with your fellow Madison Central School District registered voters and click now!

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