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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Web Spinning, Media in the Tank for MHS New Gym

Some statistics of interest, Web and otherwise:
  • 245: hits received by the Madison Central New Gym/Renovation Project website since launched earlier this month. Superintendent Vince Schaefer crows about this popularity on the front page of last night's Madison Daily Leader.
  • not mentioned: number of those hits coming from the Madville Times.
  • 700: hits received by the Madville Times yesterday.
  • 163: votes submitted to the Madville Times online poll on the school bond issue in one week.
  • 109: views of MHS Tour Intro, the most popular of the 18 videos I shot and posted of the MHS facility tour last month.
  • 60: views of MHS Locker Room Toilet, the second-most popular video of the MHS series.
  • 17%: amount of $16.98-million bond issue projected for new gym.
  • 75%: possible understatement of actual new gym cost.
  • 0: individual components of plan that cost more than the new gym.
  • 9: paragraphs you have to read through before encountering Chuck Clement's first use of the word gymnasium in last night's front-page 12-paragraph article on the project.
  • 16: paragraphs you had to read through to find new gym in Clement's October 8 19-paragraph article on the project.
  • 2: times Clement said "screw you" to me last March in response to my criticism of his journalism.


  1. Michael Black12/23/2010 9:51 AM

    Cory, according to my stats program, my website had more then 2.4 MILLION hits last year. I win.

  2. Are you sure Chuck Clement didn't say, "I can't hear you" instead of "screw you"? He does have hearing loss for which he wears hearing devices.

    I'm not sure why you try so hard to make this project devisive. You, yourself have acknowledged the need for 85% of the expenditures, although you resist the 15% being proposed for a larger gym.

    People are going to vote after considering just a couple of factors. "Do we need to make the repairs and are our kids worth the expense?" Our older relatives made those same decisions decades ago with every school building that was built or remodeled.

    No matter how hard you try to influence the vote, it still is a private decision taxpayers and families will make.

  3. According to my sources at WikiLeaks, over 60 percent of the hits were by proponents who were spying on the tactics of the opponents, who seem to be the only readers of this blog, save two.

  4. By and large this blog is probably a bunch of libs (who embrace education), and a few outspoken tokens. Problem is, libs get hung up on fairness. People are still grumbling about false information given to justify the middle school, and for that matter tear down Kennedy Hall. Trust takes so long to build but crumbles so easily, which makes their actions that more surprising. These are not stupid people and probably well meaning, but arrogantly fail to trust their voters.


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