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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Attorney General Long to Address South Dakota Right to Life

Attorney General Larry Long is speaking this Saturday at the South Dakota Right to Life Convention (PDF alert!) in Aberdeen. He'll be speaking in the afternoon on "Roe v. Wade: 35 Years Later." I'm sure as an objective public servant, he will elaborate for them on why Initiated Measure 11 stands a fair chance of being found unconstitutional (and no, it's not because of secular humanists controlling the courts).

Also on the program: Rep. Joel Dykstra spends part of his morning campaigning in front of a room full of people whose votes he's already secured. 26 days left, Joel—maybe ought to work on the other 60% of the electorate.


  1. We heard him last night and he will do a great job for SD if elected. He's been meeting with people across the state for over a year. You don't have to like him, that's fine. Don't criticize his campainging. At least he IS campaigning, which is more than we can say for the invisible Johnson.

  2. I'm sure Long will give an unbiased speech on Roe v Wade(saarcasm).

  3. Anon 3:01: I will criticize his campaigning, and so should his advisors. He's 18 percentage points behind Johnson in his own polls, and he's spending Saturday morning talking to voters he already has in his pocket? That's a poor investment of scarce resources. He'd better be in and out in five minutes, then take his staffers on a long walk to knock on every door they can hit in Aberdeen. The underdog can't win an election in an echo chamber.


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