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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Heidelberger Agrees with Lake County Right to Life

I'll say this once, and once only: Lake County Right to Life and I agree.

Lake County Right to Life says vote No on Initiated Measure 11. And so do I.

That's not a typo. But since Lake County Right to Life does such a crappy job of designing its advertisements, I have to step in and help.

Lake County Right to Life ran the big ad you see depicted here on page 6 of Tuesday's Madison Daily Leader (click the image for a much larger view... but do so at your own download-time peril!). As you can see, the graphic design is terrible.
  • They fill a third of the page with the faint little crosses, which just don't have the visual punch the right-to-lifers think they do.
  • The biggest text in the entire ad is the organization logo at the bottom. Anyone scanning the page would see that logo first and probably think, "Oh, the right-to-lifers. They must want me to vote yes on IM11," and move on.
  • Nowhere does their text say explicitly "Vote No on IM11," which is exactly the message they are trying to get across.
Given the counterintuitive nature of that message (what? a right-to-life organization urging people to vote no on an abortion ban?), a good ad needs to make a bold statement to cut through that cognitive dissonance. If Lake County Right to Life is serious about getting people's attention and persuading them to vote No on IM11, they need a much bolder, more direct ad... something like this:
I'd maybe boost the font size and fill a bit more of that white space, but hey, I'm working for free here.

Graphic design, gratis. There's my contribution to the Lake County Right to Life chapter. Go figure.


  1. They should hire you! They might disagree, but seriously, grade schoolers could design a better ad than LCRTL. They really need to get that "VOTE NO" message across!

  2. Abortions are at their lowest number in recorded history. Why? It is because of strong education programs that are working. Each year, fewer abortions are performed in South Dakota.

    A ban on abortion in our state will solve nothing. Those who want an abortion will simply cross state lines or try it on their own. Nothing solved.

    Let's commit ourselves to spending the $750,000 that Rep. Roger Hunt personally donated to the cause two years ago, along with all the abortion advertising money spent on both sides, to "educate" our children about abortion, rather than try to "legislate" it away. Our abortion rate in South Dakota will continue to decline.

    Initiated Measure 11 is a poorly written law and should be defeated again. People learn through education, not legislation.


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