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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

KJAM Poll on Poor Farm: Public Park or Private Profit?

KJAM returns to issues polling this week, asking us what we think should be done with the old Lake County poor farm on the southwest shore of Lake Madison. The three options offered:
  • Developed by the County for Lake-Access & run by the SDGFP
  • Sold to private enterprise for development for recreation
  • Sold to private enterprise for development of real estate
I thought spiking the first option with GF&P management might sour the vote, but so far, 88.2% of respondents favor the public access option.

We've had lots of discussion here on the Madville Times about the benefits of creating a new public access area on our county's wealthiest, most populous lake. Now pop over to KJAM and cast your vote!


  1. I feel strongly we have to protect public access to the lake. Linda Hilde made references to earlier plans that never materialized, but back in the 70s people had access at Mars Beach. A person could buy an old cabin for almost nothing and there were many areas of the lake shore to wander before it was consumed by new homes.

  2. Need one more option: Sell to Linda Hilde for development so we can increase our tax base.

    Does any of us really know what the county poor farm looks like?

    Before we condemn Linda Hilde's opinion maybe we could listen to why conditions at the poor farm make it a bad choice for recreation and a prime area for development. How many of us really know the lay of the land at the poor farm? I know Linda Hilde does.

    Are you going to do an interview Cory?

  3. Interviews? Novel concept! If ad revenues and contributions pick up so I can make this a full-time job, I just might do that! ;-)

  4. Why should Linda Hilde get first dibs on the land, Anon? If the poor farm were to be sold to a private party (God forbid), shouldn't the option to buy be available to anyone?

  5. Linda Hilde knows what lies beneath the ground on part of the poor farm that is adjacent to property that her family owned. Their is an ancient like 3-5 thousand year old Indian Burial Ground.
    Houses should never be built there maybe a park but never should it be developed for real estate.

  6. Whoa, burial mounds? Seriously? Where can we get verification of that? If that's true, the land should definitely not be developed into housing lots.

  7. The whole lake shore is ancient Indian burial grounds, as are most glacial lakes. If the county poor farm actually were considered sacred burial grounds, it would have never been mined for its gravel.

  8. Since when did the white man ever care about the Native American population?

    For hundreds of years, it has been the white man who has broken his treaties. It was the white man who tried to commit genocide and wipe out the Native Americans. It was the white man who tried to wipe out Native American culture.

    It is still the white man who looks down upon the Native Americans, segregated on their reservations. It is the white man who has created the problems yet refuses to take the responsibility for the past and live up to the promises written in the treaties.

    Why would anyone care now about burial sites?


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