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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Three Cheers for Pettigrew Elementary! Forward the Revolution!

Hat tip to Mr. Ehrisman!

More proof for Sibby that the education establishment is one big Marxist indoctrination plot: The Sioux Falls School District will name its newest elementary school for a known socialist sympathizer, Richard F. Pettigrew. One of South Dakota's first Senators and quite the Republican wheeler-dealer himself, Pettigrew jumped the GOP ship to support William Jennings Bryan and the Populists, then went on to issue a blistering critique of capitalism and cronyism in his book Triumphant Plutocracy.

Pettigrew was accused of treason by fellow Senators for protesting U.S. military action in the Philippines; he was indicted in 1917 for violation of the Espionage Act as a result, he said, of his stiff critique of American entry into World War I, which Pettigrew saw serving no purpose but to enrich certain wealthy interests.

A Republican who realized his party was lying to him and promoting plutocrats over the public: no wonder I like him.

Pettigrew's name is a fine choice for Sioux Falls' newest elementary school. May his name always remind students of the value in challenging wealth and power.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, I went to WikiPedia, entered "Richard F. Pettigrew," and hit "Go." I also followed the links to "William Jennings Bryan" and "Populist Party."

    There's a fascinating map in the article "Populist Party" illustrating the breakdown of the Presidential election of 1892. The Democratic states are red and the Republican states are blue!

    Before jumping to any conclusions about what Pettigrew actually stood for, I recommend reading all three of these articles in Wikipedia, at the very least.


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