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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Badlands Blue Rides Again... with Real South Dakotans!

Badlands Blue is back, in the form it should have taken in the first place. Three South Dakota boys—Travis Dahle, William Anderson, and Nate Mason, fellow debate veterans all!—have gotten hold of BadlandsBlue.net. They're already going hard on health coverage reform and GOP hypocrisy.

No Dem money wasted on sneaky snarky out-of-state consultants on this Badlands Blue: just real commentary from real South Dakota progressives. That's my kind of blog! And with Todd Epp on hiatus, there is a gap in the progressive South Dakota blogosphere that could use some filling. Welcome to the show, fellas!


  1. Thanks for the props Corey - we'll try to not let you down!

  2. Ah, debate. It never ends. ;)


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