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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Speech Tournament at Ha-vard: Now That's an Away Game!

New restaurateur and Madison ex-pat Mark O'Loughlen sends me a copy of the high school sports schedule from his new home in Thermopolis, Wyoming, population 3172.
Mark notes with approval (as do I!) the inclusion of the speech team schedule on the flyer distributed at the bank at elsewhere around town. Now that's the respect for debate I like to see!

Also noteworthy is Thermopolis's speech competition scchedule: a full slate of twelve contests, including one very remarkable away game:

Alas, the Thermopolis debaters are passing up the Karl Mundt Debate Tournament here in Madison to travel to Boston and debate at Harvard. Harvard. (Notice they even spell it with due homage to local pronunciation: Haaa-vard!)

Note that a Class 3A high school with 233 students, in a county with 4900 people, manages to find the resources to send its debate team to 12 contests, including a four-day trip to Harvard, and compete in extemp, oratory, interp, and all three divisions of debate. Meanwhile, Madison High School has been cutting events and debate trips to faraway places like Yankton.

Oh well. Go Bobcats!

Don't forget: Eat at Butch's!

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