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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bonus Web Gizmo: ZIP Code Maps!

For all my cartographomaniac readers, an afternoon treat: ZIP code maps! The good folks at US Naviguide Co. have whipped up a Google Maps mashup that shows the ZIP code for every point on the American map (well, at least pretty much every point in the lower 48). Among the oddities revealed: little discontinuous outposts of ZIPs near Egan, Sinai, and Badger. Go figure!

Click your ZIP, see what your postal neighborhood looks like—what more fun could you have in the office on a summer afternoon?


  1. Cool map. Not without some errors though. The location for my house is shown in the wrong ZIP.

  2. Check out this error: I punched in "1883 Cottonwood Cove Trail, Madison, SD" on the address search, and the map put me in 57472, south of Selby on US 83, a good 180 bird-flying miles northwest. Uff da! Enjoy the maps, but don't hookup your UPS package trackers to that code just yet!


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