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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brett Favre Signs with Vikings...

...and my world doesn't change one bit.

Eager reader Rod Goeman rouses me from breakfast saying I have to write just one sports post to discuss Brett Favre's signing with the Vikings. I tell him no I don't. I have nothing to say about sports that will add anything to the discussion. Besides, that discussion isn't any more significant than a discussion of who's starring in any other fall TV show... since really, the NFL is just another fall TV show.

But Rod insists I can just write the headline and let my readers do the rest, since everybody else apparently lives or dies by the vagaries of millionaire entertainers wearing shoulder pads. (I suggested Rod start his own blog on RealMadison.org, but he won't bite. I'll keep working on him!)

So here you go. Knock yourselves out. Brett Favre: Vikings' savior or sham? Hoists Vikes' first Super Bowl trophy or gets Theismanned in game 2?

Comment nymity policy still applies: if you have something you just have to say publicly about Brett Favre, put your name to it... or go write it on the bathroom wall when no one is looking.


  1. So you don't write about sports figures but I heard on the local sports show yesterday that some state baseball figure from Madison (I forgot his name already) retired. Maybe a story about him?
    (still can't navigate that google deal!)

  2. Shameless Plug Alert!!!!

    If only we had another local web site that had complete on-line coverage of Brett Farve and that big retirement announcement. Something like KJAMradio.com maybe

    Cory what size Purple #4 Jersey does the little girl need?

    Matt Groce

  3. No doubt, Matt G.! Tell Matt H. to get back into gear and write another hard-hitting sports column on RealMadison.org!

  4. Matt, You'll see K. wearing a "This is what a feminist looks like" t-shirt long before anything promoting a sports figure! :)

  5. Besides, the NFL doesn't need our help with marketing their product. (Why don't they pay us for wearing their advertisements?)

  6. I'm going to get my dad a Favre Vikings jersey just to p!$$ him off! LOL


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