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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is Anyone You Know Really a Christian?

Pew Survey on Obama's religion, March 2008 thru Aug 2010A new Pew Forum poll on the President's religion finds subjectivism and willful ignorance of facts running rampant among a majority of Americans. Pew asked, "Do you happen to know what Barack Obama's religion is? Is he Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, agnostic, or something else?" The responses are alarming. 18% assert that President Obama is Muslim. 43% assert that they don't know.

A majority thus deny the reality supported by the statements and public actions of President Obama himself. Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian. He has said, "Jesus is the only way [to salvation] for me." He swore his Presidential oath on Abraham Lincoln's Bible. As I have stated previously, "Obama is not a Muslim... not that there's anything wrong with that. For those of you who groove to Jesus, Obama has more clearly and consistently articulated a vision of how his Christian faith motivates his practical social action."

Even Fox News says Obama is a Christian.

I really don't know what else a man can do to prove to the people around him that he follows a particular faith... not that a man should have to prove his faith to anyone, with perhaps the exception of the god(s) in whom he believes. If you can't believe that Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian, then how can you believe that the folks making their dutiful Sunday appearances in the pews behind you are Christians? How do you know Dennis Daugaard, Scott Heidepriem, Kristi Noem, or Stephanie Herseth Sandlin are Christians?

And how do you know I'm not?

There's an interesting question. Perhaps a poll is in order. Heck, maybe two polls....


  1. Nope, other than holding multiple Islamic celebrations in the White House and supporting a spit-in-your-eye Ground Zero Victory Mosque in New York City, Barack Obama has never done a single thing that would make people wonder if he might be a Muslim.

    Well, except for...Remember the NASA initiative to include Muslims and make them feel good about themselves? Remember the president's appointment of a Supreme Court justice who is more favorable to Sharia Law than to the military of her own nation? Remember the special treatment Islam has received from the White House while our Christian heritage has been left out in the cold? Remember how rudely Obama treated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House? Remember Obama's association with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan? Remember the reports that Muslims were being recruited to work in the White House? Remember that Barack Obama was educated in Islam in Indonesia? Remember that President Obama's counterterrorism advisor John Brennan believes jihad is a legitimate tenet of Islam? Remember the report that Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said on Nile TV that President Obama told him he is a Muslim? Remember that Barack Obama said that the Muslim call to prayer was "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset." Remember that Barack Obama's half-brother was surprised to hear that Barack was not a Muslim?

    Nope, no reason at all for people to wonder.

  2. Wow. So now Bob rejects Fox News's word in favor of the Egyptian Foreign Minister?

    Most of Bob's "guilt" by association arguments would lead you to the following conclusions:

    --Cory's wife married an atheist. She must not be Christian.
    --Cory married a Christian. He must not be atheist.

    Have fun with that one. And vote in the poll!

  3. Interesting that you did not include a Native view of reality except as an other in your poll, Cory.

    The Earth is the giver of life; holy war is the taker of life.

  4. I don't recall any strip joint owners or patrons murdering nearly 3,000 Americans in the name of naked flesh.

  5. What drives people to be suspect of Obama's religion is his ease around Muslims and his concern with Islam.

    He hasn't hosted a Reformation dinner at the White House,and I don't think any upcoming celebrations with the Baptists are on schedule.

    This is why it's a good idea to keep religion out of politics. Don't let the public think you are picking sides.

  6. Hrm, so Bob's logic is that if someone does something naughty and they are a particular religion anyone associated with that religion in the future should be barred from building anything near the site of the naughtiness?

    If that is the case, would that mean no more christian places of worship or gathering should be allowed to be built near Oklahoma city? All of the bombers in that attack identified themselves as Christians:


    I assume that Bob's logic has a natural "they aren't really Christians so it doesn't apply in this case" backdoor.

  7. Larry: I'd have included other specific religions, but I wanted to copy the exact wording of the Pew Forum poll.

    Thad: I'm relatively at ease with Christians and regularly show concern with Christianity. Am I a Christian?

    George W. Bush also showed ease with the Muslims in charge of Saudi Arabia and often expressed concern with Islam being portrayed correctly. Is he Muslim?

  8. What I thought when hearing this news was, what exactly inspired the Pew Commission to ask such a question of people in the first place?
    Who cares?

  9. There is no question that Bush went out of his way to show respect for a religion. That isn't the role of the government.

    I will guess and say you are polite to your wife and her congregation. You probably don't make a public scene about your beliefs (praising the Lord before a water district meeting).

  10. I just don't get all this anti-Muslim
    business.The Muslims are no more our enemies than the Mormons are.A small group of Mormons perpetrated an act of terrorism at Mountain Meadows that had the dubious distinction of being the single largest act of terrorism on American soil up until the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred. Yet the Mormons are not considered to be the enemy by virtue of a few nutcases, in fact there is a high probability that the next Republican candidate for president will be Mormon. To reject all Muslims for the acts of a few is to make enemies of all Islam.What a foolish thing that would be.Anything that the President can do to ease tensions with the Muslim world is a wise move.
    Another thing I just don't get about the Anti- Muslim sentiment is, how much blood and treasure has been spent in the last 20 years to liberate Muslim people from despots , really what a contradiction. What is that anyway.
    "You are the enemy so we are going to liberate you" It makes no sense.
    Islam is not our enemy, radical Islamic terrorists are.

  11. As far as the poll goes, I would say that a large portion of the "don't knows", fall into the category of " don't care"

  12. I think this blog entry by Michael O'Loughlin (no relation, different spelling) can explain Bob's position on religion.


  13. I defer to these towering and magnanimous intellects that so brilliantly infer that showing respect to the rights and beliefs of others, who might be the current hits on the ate parade, is evidence of closet Islam, or whatever form of subversion is hitting the charts these days. Thank the lord, or any non-deity of your choice, that these are the wits shaping the national dialogue and motivating voters.

  14. Sorry about my sticky "h". I think i was duly exorcised and something got the "h" out of there.


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