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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Democrats, Be Democrats!

Dakota War College notices that Democratic consultant Paul Begala is telling Dems that trying to dissociate themselves from President Barack Obama won't work:

That's what I've been telling our state Democratic Party, particularly our Congresswoman, for some time. Our party rejected a resolution on George McGovern's Medicare for Everyone, for fear that the GOP would have a field day beating us up as big-spending socialists... even though the GOP has been waging that exact attack since Plumber Joe in October 2008. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin touts her independent Blue Dog status, but Republicans still paint her as a tool of the evil Pelosi-Obama agenda. SHS professes Clintonian triangulation in voting against significant Democratic legislation like health insurance reform, credit card reform, student loan reform, and climate change and energy security legislation, but the Republicans still tag her for supporting procedural votes and not convincing other Dems to kill those awful Marxist plots (Chris Nelson rolled out that strategy last November; R. Blake Curd followed in March; Kristi Noem is doing it now).

On party identity, too many Dems are showing their wienie-face when they should show their war-face. Even B-Thom can see through the absurdity of trying to call yourself an "Independent Democrat."

We are Democrats. The Republicans are going to brand us as Democrats. We should brand ourselves as Democrats. Bring Senator Al Franken back to say the priorities of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are actually better for South Dakota than the GOP's tax cuts for the rich (who don't live here!). Bring President Obama here to hammer on the first vote Kristi Noem would cast, for Speaker John Boehner. Remind everyone of the progress we Democrats have made with no help from Republicans.

Democrats, be Democrats. Own our party. Own our policies. Own our President. Be consistent and brave, and own November 2!


  1. I normally don't agree with most things that you post here, however, this time I agree.

    Democrats, stand up and be proud Democrats.

    Republicans, stand up and be proud Republicans.

    Please don't try to hide behind labels like moderate or independent. It can make you seems less than you are, and you are so much more

  2. Yes. Of course, Cory. Exactly. It's a little late, but yes.

  3. What about Scott Heidepriem endorsing IM13? That might do it.

  4. Larry, I would think IM13 would be a great fit for Heidepriem's conservative Democrat-ism. IM13 is all about getting government out of the relationship between doctors and patients, right?


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