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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vista Family Dairies Exists! Looks Like Millner Buying Bankrupt Dairy Back

Vista Family Dairies, the high bidder in last week's auction of bankrupt and polluting Veblen East mega-dairy, finally exists, as of Tuesday, September 21. The South Dakota Secretary of State has finally received the LLC's Articles of Organization. Vista Family Dairies has the same street address as Prairie Ridge Management, the company headed by Richard Millner that built Veblen East and lobbied the South Dakota Legislature to exempt huge dairies from the Family Farm Act.

Vista's agent is Jorden Hill of Veblen. Its organizers are Robert Jameson of West Fargo, ND; Jeffrey Topp of Grace City, ND; and Wayne Viessman of Gary, SD. Hill and Viessman have been partners with Millner in his previous South Dakota dairy exploits and in lobbying Congress for easier regs on hiring foreign workers.

Millner's name isn't on the Vista "Family" Dairies papers... but how much would you like to bet he's rounding up the investors for what feels like a bankruptcy shell game?

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