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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nesselhuf Tops SOS Poll; Constitution Party Cracks 4%!

The latest Madville Times poll shows a strong standing for Demorat Ben Nesselhuf, at least among all you Web literati. I asked "Which candidate will get your vote for South Dakota Secretary of State?" Here's what 141 of you said:

6 (4%)
36 (26%)
99 (70%)
Votes: 141
Conducted 2010.09.20–22.

A last-minute push from the Constitution Party camp pushed Lori Stacey just over the 4% mark, an amazing showing for otherwise hapless purveyors of conspiracy theories, unsupportable libel lawsuit threats, and ineffective legal arguments. The latest from the Stacey bunker: this broadside branding South Dakota Right to Life as deceivers for endorsing Republican Jason Gant.

Stacey says nothing about Gant's demonstrable deceit concerning his no-show at last week's scheduled forum with Ben Nesselhuf on Thursday at Western Dakota Tech.

What might the numbers of the candidates in double digits tell us?
  1. Nesselhuf voters find great comfort in reading the Madville Times. :-)
  2. My eager readers prefer Nesselhuf's focus on issues specific to South Dakota, including his intelligent and outside-the-box attention to economic development, over Gant's GOP playbook campaign of fear-mongering over voter fraud that happens elsewhere but is hardly an issue in South Dakota.
More polls to come! Stay tuned!

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